Music Moves for Piano

A New Approach to Music Lessons

I am excited to offer a new approach to music lessons for my students! I have been teaching for years, and have noted the sheer amount of time it takes for students to learn to read music well, and many who have been classically trained to read music struggle to play by ear. It often appears there are two different worlds: Those who “play by ear” and those who “read music.” I have been looking for a method to merge these two worlds more systematically, and have found the best approach in Music Moves for Piano.

My students love the Music Moves for Piano curriculum by Marilyn Lowe! It is active, lively, collaborative and exciting. It is a very unique, nontraditional method that teaches music as an Aural (listening) art first. Reading notation is delayed for a while as we lay down a strong foundation for understanding, hearing, and making music. In the Music Moves approach, we sing songs and tonal patterns; we feel and move to the pulse and meter; and chant rhythm patterns. Reading music notation comes much easier after these elements are internalized. I believe this foundation will help to develop very strong, versatile musicians.

Music Moves for Piano is based on Edwin E. Gordon’s theories of audiation. It draws from the techniques and theories of Orff, Suzuki, Jaques-Dalcroze, Kodaly, and Taubman. Music Moves lessons will give the student the tools they need to create, improvise, play, read, and enjoy music for a lifetime.