Piano and Music Lessons in Wichita, Kansas

Making Music is one of the greatest joys in life!
Learn its language, explore its colors, feel its rhythm,
make it your own.

Create, improvise, play, read, and enjoy music for a lifetime!

Music Moves for Piano

My students love the Music Moves for Piano curriculum! It is active, lively, collaborative and exciting. We sing songs and tonal patterns; we feel and move to the pulse and meter; and chant rhythm patterns. Reading music notation comes much easier after these elements are internalized. I believe this foundation will help to develop very strong, versatile musicians … Learn More

About Maryellen Flesher

I have been teaching piano in the College Hill Neighborhood of Wichita, Kansas since the 1980’s. This is a neighborhood rich with culture, where the arts are valued and piano lessons are a tradition. I home schooled my children from kindergarten through high school and continue to teach piano to home school, private, and public school children … Learn More